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  • Sep 13 2010
    Mara Carlyle's "Pianni" and the Ikea Cats

    Mara Carlyle’s beautiful song Pianni is the music behind a new Ikea advert where 100 cats are let loose to explore their Wembley store. We thought you might like to see the behind the scenes film. 

    You can listen to and download Pianni from Mara’s album The Lovely in full below or from iTunes/ Amazon.

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  • Mar 13 2007


    Vinyls? Yes Vinyls! You read it correctly the first time.

    Now I know that they take up alot of room and there is no such thing as a handy portable vinyl player, but that doesn’t mean that we have the right to neglect them and let them be turned into a stomping ground for spiders.

    Let’s embrace them once more with this rather nifty special offer we have for you vinyl fans. They should be cherished and loved once again.

    Although I do know someone who once used an old vinyl to eat off when they couldn’t find a clean plate to use, back in the wonder years of being a student.
    Oh ok, yes, it was me! And No! I don’t remember what title it was.

    3x Vinyl Singles for £10 or 3x Vinyl Albums for £20

    If you order the album bundle we will let you choose 3 from this list.
    Doctor Rockit: Indoor Fireworks
    Soft Pink Truth: Do you Party
    John Matthias: Small Town Shining
    Mara Carlyle: The Lovely

    Singles will be a different beast altogether and it will be more of a lucky dip, but the choice of releases varies from Doctor Rockit to Matthew Herbert to Micah.

    Magic Time= Vinyl Times


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  • Nov 11 2005
    New singles and gigs

    Mugison released his new single this Monday. I Want You is backed with two new tracks and some videos. Mugison is currently playing shows in the USA and will be touring Scandinavia afterwards, check for more details.
    Mara Carlyle releases the Baby Bloodheart EP on 21st November 2005. The lead track is backed with three new cover versions including her rendering of Jamie Liddells “Game For Fools”.
    Mara plays in support of Gwyneth Herbert at The Spitz in London next Monday the 15th and at The Social in London on the 16th.

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Lovely by name, lovely by nature? Well, yes and no.
The music certainly sounds lovely, so lovely in fact that it'll make you swoon and laugh and cry all at once. The voice is undeniably lovely, but then those of you who've been paying attention will already know that, from Mara's work with Plaid and Matthew Herbert. But listen a little closer and a rather darker voice can be heard, telling tales of love and loss, death and courage and of nightmares...

Mara's musical journey has been a long one. Having formed a punk band with her brothers while still at primary school, it's safe to say that she's been making music all her life. In various ensembles Mara has sung her way through church music, jazz, bluegrass, opera and electronica, elements of all of which can be found sitting harmoniously side by side on this album.


Recorded at home (a fairly Herculean task that involved, amongst other things, squeezing a string quartet into her front room) 'The Lovely' began life as a bunch of 4-track recordings known collectively as 'Mara's Album Ha Ha Ha'. This was not in homage to the book by Roddy Doyle, but a reference to the fact that Mara didn't really think that these songs would ever be anything more than musings for herself and her friends, particularly as she had (and still has) a full-time job.

But as more and more songs were born during nightshifts in the hospitals and hostels where she worked, and her sweet-but-sharp stories began to take shape, completing and releasing an album became happily inevitable. Mara signed to Matthew Herbert's Accidental Records at the beginning of 2004 and put the finishing touches to 'The Lovely' in March.

Arranged and produced by Mara, with additional production and mixing magic from her old buddies Plaid, the album is equal parts sinister and serene. The haunting opener, "Saw Song", demonstrates Mara's saw playing skills and swooping vocal range. "I Blame You Not", a loose arrangement of a piece of Schumann, has the feel of a jazz standard. "Bonding" and "Bravely Born(e)" are both awash with sweet forties-style harmonies. Conventional instruments such as piano and guitar appear alongside more unusual ones: ukuleles strum their way through quirky fairytale "Baby Bloodheart" and an mbira (African thumb piano) provides the pulse for the uplifting album closer "For Me".

'The Lovely' is an assured debut by one of the most talented and original singer-songwriters to emerge in recent memory; a collection of dark tales sung with a smile that will stand the test of time.'

The album's luxury packaging was designed by London design agency Ekhornforss/Non-Format , designers of The Wire magazine, and described by Creative Review magazine as 'delicate, layered and sumptuous'.


Mara's debut single, 'I Blame Dido EP', will be released in the spring of 2005 as a 7" with 'I Blame You Not' from her album alongside a new and unreleased arrangement of Purcell's 'Dido's Lament'. The accompanying CD single will also include her cover version of Dani Siciliano's 'Walk The Line' (previously released by K7) and a stunning animated video for 'I Blame You Not', directed by French designers soandsau.

The programme notes to Antenna, London's premier music video showcase, proclaimed:

"The word stunning is often overused in this industry but we are fully expecting you to dribble all over your trendy T-shirts as we play 'I Blame You Not' for Mara Carlyle by soandsau. Don't forget to breathe..."

In 2004 Mara and her band supported both Bebel Gilberto and The Real Tuesday Weld and played at the Sonar, Glastonbury and Triptych Festivals.


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